Circles Guelph Wellington Update June 29, 2022

Circles will officially end on September 11th, 2022. The Circles Host agencies, Hope House in Guelph and the Wellington County Learning Centre in Arthur, are transitioning to new programmes.

Hope House in Guelph will use their “Ease into Work” programme which is run by the current Circles assistant coach. This programme is for people who are interested in gaining work experience and developing skills in a supportive environment.  The programme works one-on-one with individuals and involves goal planning. Hope House has started suggesting this programme to individuals interested in Circles. The programme also includes skills development, educational certificates, and it is for up to 2 years. It will also involve a monthly social gathering going forward. The gathering will include a meal, and Circles Allies can join this gathering. Individuals can participate in this part of the programme even if they aren’t quite ready to participate in the rest of the programme.

The Wellington County Learning Centre Circle will continue with regular social and goal setting gatherings and the group will be called “Stronger Together”. They will offer meals once per month for their gatherings. The church where they meet is still offering their space for the meetings. With the Circle being attached to the Wellington County Learning Centre (WCLC) they have programmes based on client needs, in order to upgrade client skills and gain some form of employment including volunteering. They have a financial literacy programme, which they encourage everyone to go through. The WCLC creates other programmes such as Let’s Get Real employment for YOU, safe food handling certification, GED prep, Surviving to Thriving, and many more, that are a good match for people in need. The WCLC supports goal(s) in independence, education and employment.

The Micro-credit programme will remain available to programme participants at both Circles Host sites.

In summary, we will move to programmes at each of the Host agencies in Guelph and Wellington County that will continue with Social and goal setting components and food. The programmes will focus on employment and educational upgrading. Other agency and community support will be brought in as clients’ needs dictate. The County of Wellington Ontario Works office will continue to run the Make Your Way workshop as a stand-alone programme or as a way for participants to prepare for possible entry to either Hope House’s “Ease into Work” programme or the Wellington County Learning Centre’s “Stronger Together” programme.




Ken Harvey, CMM III
Manager ~ Intake and Employment Services
County of Wellington, Ontario Works