Getting Ahead and GA sessions

What is Getting Ahead?       1395864_660411887325017_1868021186_n (2)

Individuals living in poverty who are interested in changing their situation are invited to attend a Getting Ahead group.

Here they are referred to as Investigators because they are
“investigating” their lives.

Investigators will learn about resources available to them, supports available in the community and factors that cause poverty. Theinvestigators come together to reflect on their personal situation,discuss the positive and challenging aspects of their lives and understand the differences between economic classes.

Getting Ahead participants will complete an extensive self-assessment andGetting Ahead
identify their three strongest and weakest resources. In acknowledging their strengths they can see the value in improving their weaker resources to move from a vulnerable/urgent state to a stable/safe one.

During this three-week intensive program, investigators think of a sustainable and self-sufficient future and create an action plan on how to take steps towards their dreams.Investigators will finish the program empowered, inspired, and with a specific action plan for helping themselves, families and their community.

For more information:

1-800-265-7294 (Terri Townsley)