Lee Kapuscinski

Lee Kapuscinski is a Registered Dietitian with the Guelph Family Health  Team. Lee presented the value of reading food labels and understanding fat and fiber content. 

 Ken Harvey

Ken Harvey first tried meditation in 1997 while living in Japan.  His first hour-long experience involved an instructor who snored during practice, followed soon after by a 10-day intensive retreat at the Vipassana meditation centre in Kyoto, Japan where he learned about “weathering emotional storms.” After his first experiences Ken saw the value of meditation as a means to enhanced good health. In successive years, Ken experienced a variety of different meditation techniques through numerous 90-day courses, several weekend retreats and weekly group sits.  He returned for another 10-day intensive Vipassana retreat at Dhamma Torana centre outside of Toronto in 2004 and is signed up for another in May 2014.  Ken continues to be drawn to meditation and is very happy to lead workshops on this health enhancing practice

Links:    Download the  Azumio – Stresscheck  app Ken demonstrated.
               Circles meditation resource booklet

 Sunna Murphy

 Sunna Murphy is a poet and artist under the pen name of Luscious Relevation. Sunna recently presented her poems at Circles GW, specifically dedicating ‘Days like this’ to the Leaders and Allies.

Days like this

A poem written by Sunna Murphy for Circles GW.

by Sunna Murphy

Sometimes it is not easy,

To be alive

When bodies creak and stick like rusting broken hinges
Sharp edges that threaten your tactile senses
When depression creeps under the covers,
A constant companion from the moment you wake
When your pennies cannot feed you and poverty creates in you a criminal
When opportunity sits appraising your value like some casted off thing
in a pawn shop
And death seems like a mercy.

Until you go for a walk just before dusk and watch the sunset
And remember that you are magical.
Remember that your hands are the bandagers of skinned knees and your arms are a refuge for the fallen
Remember that your eyes see the suffering hidden under the surface
and your mouth bears witness to injustice
You, are a truth teller.  A change maker.  A warrior.  A queen.  A safe place.  A kindness.
A hot meal to the starving.  A salve for the wounded.

You are a miracle.

Pink clouds of golden light touch your face and whisper lovingly,
The earth will never fail to hold you up and the sky goes on forever,
like breathing

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