The Coaches Corner

This week marks the beginning of our fourth year at Circles. As a Circles Coach, I have watched many journeys unfold. Individuals who have had to work towards reducing debt, further their education, or become employed. The most rewarding experience (and the best part) is to witness the building of significant relationships.
This first week in September is always a busy week and planning was the first task on the list. The room was alive and buzzing as we gathered together to think about speakers and activities for the year. Our speakers are special resources for Circles; building resources is extremely important for our Leaders. Resources can be physical, spiritual, emotional, relational and financial. Every member of the community brings a gift or a skill. It is what makes us unique and at the same time brings us together. Sharing that gift is key; and each week Circles provides an opportunity for an individual from the community to share their skill or gift.
We are looking forward to an exciting year that will help our Leaders meet their goals and build friendships. Do you have a skill or gift you could share with our Circles Leaders? Are you interested in hearing more about Circles? Being an Allie or donating a meal? Please contact myself, Mary Crome or the Circles Coordinator, Ken Harvey