Spring 2017

As we look forward to Spring, and the hope of new beginnings, it’s great to hear that the Basic Income Guarantee Pilot Program will be moving forward later this year in Ontario.  The names of the communities that have been chosen to participate in the pilot have not yet been released. A decision should be made in the spring as the province is looking to implement the pilot project in three different Ontario communities, one in northern Ontario, a second in southern Ontario and a third one in an Indigenous community.

If you are not familiar with Basic Income, here’s a link to the Top 5 things to know about BI. It is the biggest factor in keeping people in poverty. Simply put, the lack of money.  The BI would guarantee an annual income of  at least  $17,000. Think of the possibilities that this will create for low income earners, including social assistance and disability recipients.  A chance to move forward in life. Isn’t that what we are all here for? It’s time to close that huge income gap here in Canada and this is a step in the right direction.